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MSP Muay Thai Gym offers authentic traditional Thai boxing. The martial arts skills are offered to all levels of experience from beginners, intermediate, professional fighters, and is available to people at all fitness levels.

The distinguished skills of Muay Thai continues to be discovered in international forums and is taught by experienced trainers at MSP Gym in Western Sydney.
Whether your aim be weight loss, increased fitness, self-defence, or fight preparation, MSP will help you achieve your goal.


Trainer and Owner Mardsing

Mardsing has had over 200 fights. For longer than 5 years Mardsing represented Por Pongsawang camp in Bangkok, while at this camp all his fights were at the famous Lumpinee Stadium. Mardsing was ranked top 3 Lumpinee Champion in Thailand of his time.

Mardsing has over 25 years’ experience fighting, teaching people of all levels, and training fighters in Muay Thai. He is recognised by the Office of Board of Boxing Sport, Sports Authority of Thailand as a teacher of Muay Thai.

Trainer Marchai Fairtex

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