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MSP offers a range of classes to suit all skill and fitness levels. We have a supportive environment and are committed to passing down the knowledge of traditional Thai boxing from experienced trainers. Regular training will help build your confidence, self-esteem, and cognitive functioning.

Kids Muay Thai<br />
(Age: 4 - 12 Years)

Kids Muay Thai
(Age: 4 - 12 Years):


Kids class is a safe and positive environment for children to learn self-defence. The kids are also taught discipline and respect as their confidence levels grow and social skills excel.

Beginners Muay Thai

Beginners Muay Thai:

For those that have absolutely no experience to a basic level of skill. This class is great if you want to get to know the basics before you move to the next level.

Intermediate/Advanced<br />
Muay Thai (members only)

Muay Thai (members only):

Those that want to train hard and take Muay Thai serious at a fun non-competitive level, then this is your class. To succeed in this class, you will need to have a good understanding of Muay Thai, holding pads and how to call combos for your free call rounds. This level also involves pad work and clinching most sessions.



MSP Muay Thai Trainers have years of experience in Muay Thai. From involvement in fighting at a young age to teaching people of all levels. Our trainers pride themselves on professionalism and passing on knowledge.

All levels Muay Thai

All levels Muay Thai:

This is a mixed skill Muay Thai class. For beginners it will introduce you to a range of Muay Thai techniques and for advanced levels it will provide you with the opportunity to consolidate what you already know.

Fighters Muay Thai<br />
(Members Only)

Fighters Muay Thai
(Members Only):

For the committed. If you want to train hard and have the self-discipline to push through the mental and physical fatigue, then this is your class. Fighters have intensive training in the weeks leading to fight promotions and events. This class is for those that are serious and keen to get in the ring.

One on One

One on One:

Private sessions are a good way to build confidence and get started in Muay Thai. They will allow the trainer to focus completely on you and work on techniques you may find challenging.

Sparring<br />
(members only)

(members only):

Sparring is by invite only and allows you to strengthen the skills of attack and defence. It will allow you and your partner to work together and help each other to improve reaction time. Remember, sparring is not fighting.