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MSP Muay Thai Gym offers authentic traditional Thai boxing. The martial arts skills are offered to all levels of experience from beginners, intermediate and professional fighters and is available to people at all fitness levels.

The distinguished skills of Muay Thai continues to be discovered in international forums and is taught by experienced trainers at MSP Gym in Western Sydney.
Whether your aim be weight loss, increased fitness, self-defence, or fight preparation, MSP will help you achieve your goal.

Most Popular Classes

Kids Muay Thai<br />
(Age: 4 - 12 Years)

Kids Muay Thai
(Age: 4 - 12 Years):


Kids class is a safe and positive environment for children to learn self-defence. The kids are also taught discipline and respect as their confidence levels grow and social skills excel.

Beginners Muay Thai

Beginners Muay Thai:

For those that have absolutely no experience to a basic level of skill. This class is great if you want to get to know the basics before you move to the next level.

Intermediate/Advanced<br />
Muay Thai (members only)

Muay Thai (members only):

Those that want to train hard and take Muay Thai serious at a fun non-competitive level, then this is your class. To succeed in this class, you will need to have a good understanding of Muay Thai, holding pads and how to call combos for your free call rounds. This level also involves pad work and clinching most sessions.

What you get from marsdsing
muay thai camp

Weight Management

An aerobic and anaerobic workout of just 60 minutes of Muay Thai can burn up to 1000 calories. This makes it perfect to lose stubborn fat and tone your muscles at the same time.

Self Defence

Muay Thai uses the art of attack through use of the eight limbs by punching, elbows, knees, and kicks. There is also the element of grappling, known as clinching.

Increased Cardiovascular Conditioning

Improving cardiovascular fitness can reduce the risk of heart disease. Continued practice improves fitness which allows the body to adapt to demands of stress from physical activity.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Muay Thai is not only great for physical health but also mental health. As you strike the target you increase the production of endorphins; these neurotransmitters can help combat the stresses from demanding jobs and everyday life.

Working Multiple Muscle Groups

Through lower body movements of kicks and knees you work your core, hips, and glutes. The upper body movements of punching and elbows works your arms and waists. Grappling has a strong focus on arm and core strength.

Sharpened Reflexes

The biggest benefit of sharpened reflexes is improved reaction time. This extends beyond the sport as it strengthens your brain and neural networks. This means that you will require fewer mental resources when it comes to response time, ultimately reducing stress levels.

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